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Powering Sales Globally

Larsson & Jennings came to King & Partners with a website built on an eCommerce platform lacking in an advanced feature set or regional localization, and with the need to expand the online business globally. King & Partners relaunched the site on the Sellect platform. We then turned our focus to holiday shopping, resulting in a successful Cyber Monday with 100% up time and benchmark sales.

As new features or sections were strategized, King & Partners took initiative to ensure that these sections were launched as responsive states, keeping the customer need for a consistent experience in mind. The CMS tools let the Larsson & Jennings team make content updates quickly and from the same back end as the eCommerce business, ensuring that both content and commerce are managed efficiently and accurately. The Sellect platform is crucial to the global expansion of the Larsson & Jennings business, letting international customers shop their currency and region with ease through the marriage of sophisticated logistics integrations, payment calculations and a flexible front-end.