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A Video-Driven Content Platform

Popular TV is a digital magazine and content platform aimed at style-savvy Gen Z-ers and Millennials. This platform for self expression through user-generated videos was founded by Marvin and Jaclynn Jarrett, co-founders of Nylon Magazine. Popular is a go-to destination for the latest in music, beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and art.

Daily content

We designed and developed the digital magazine site, driving editorial momentum through a seamless content management system.

The user interface is designed to be intuitive across every device, and encourages frequent return visits to seek out new content every day.

Mixed media

Impactful imagery is blended with social media, music, and video content throughout article pages.

Content is plentiful and easy to consume.

Create and consume, quickly

The navigation overlay lets users browse content, or submit their own videos.

Users can toggle between channels, most viewed and recent stories, and trending tags without ever needing to leave the page.

Never boring, never basic.

Knowing that Popular’s core audience compulsively consume content on their smartphones, we designed the site with a mobile-first approach. Users can endlessly swipe through content sections and slideshows or submit their own content through their phones.

The site design and technology embodies the Popular DNA – young, daring, and always ahead of the curve.

"Tony and his team at King & Partners are some of the biggest visionaries in the digital landscape"

Marvin Scott Jarrett, Founder, Popular TV