A Brave New Approach to Air Travel

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How can we effectively introduce a completely new way of flying?

Surf Air is the first private air travel club of its kind offering all-you-can-fly service for one monthly fee, providing members—entrepreneurs and frequent regional travelers—with an effortless flying experience that saves valuable time with every trip.

The first 30 seconds

With one simple scrolling experience, we summarized the key benefits of Surf Air – the price, time savings, and destinations.

The Surf Air Experience

A major advantage of flying Surf Air is the time saved on every flight.

We effectively summarized this with an interactive feature that easily and clearly weighs the commercial airline experience against the Surf Air experience.

Real Time Data

We integrated the site with FlightAware to show real-time data, such as number of planes and passengers flying, and the live flight schedule.

Smart strategy for smart audiences

Surf Air is a community of interesting people, all with their own stories and favorite destinations. We felt this was important to show on the website to build brand positioning.

We developed a content strategy that highlights the Surf Air point of view.

Surf Report is a digital magazine with content exploring people, places, stories and news.

Destinations provide airport-specific information and highlight the brand’s recommended places to eat, drink, stay and visit.

App experience consistent with the web experience

The Surf Air app is the primary tool used by members to check schedules and book flights.

We designed the app to look and behave as the website does, with high usability for a quick, frictionless experience.