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A Smart & Engaging Shopping Experience

Outdoor Voices needed help optimizing their eCommerce site in time for Holiday 2016.

Our goals were to increase sales and conversion rates by redesigning key site pages, including homepage, product detail pages, and product landing pages.

Some of the challenges we faced were improving the path to purchase, educating users about the different materials and product uses, and converting first-time users into customers.

A more interactive homepage

We started by looking at site analytics and user behavior. Our insights from these analytics informed our approach to the user experience, starting with the homepage.

We made the homepage longer and added interactive modules to shop OV Kits and learn about different product materials.

We also created a Mad Libs-style gifting module, reflecting the playful nature of the brand.

Add it quicker

We also redesigned product landing pages to provide a more shoppable Quick Look experience and sort through product categories in a more efficient way.

Very detailed product detail

Redesigned product detail pages make better use of screen space, show more product imagery above the fold, and introduce Complete the Look alongside You Might Also Like.

Small details, such as improved Sold Out indicators and Notify Me modules, make the Outdoor Voices website more shoppable than ever before.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

We optimized the mobile site with a new product filter tool, more organized product information, and a mobile version of the new homepage design.

Now the mobile-minded OV customer can shop on their phones quicker than ever before.