The Bowery Hotel

How To Present an Iconic Downtown Hotel

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The Bowery Hotel is an enigma.

Discreet and eccentric all at once, the hotel is a hotspot for a travelers, staycationers, and Hollywood A-listers alike. While The Bowery Hotel feels like home for many, the website was letting people down.

King & Partners undertook the launch of a new website with new creative direction and content that feels as exquisite as the hotel.

Creating a consistent digital experience

The website focuses on rich imagery and branded details, maintaining a bit of mystery while showing off the most iconic elements of the hotel – from the old-school tassled room keys and the Bowery bear to the exclusive Lobby Bar and the lively neighborhood surrounding it all.

The branded booking pages ensure the entire experience feels consistent every step of the way.

Photography creative direction and production

We wanted to convey warmth and luxury while highlighting the one-of-a-kind details that make The Bowery Hotel a special place to be.