Defining the Next Chapter for NeueHouse

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Founded in 2011 in New York as a premium, membership-based workspace for individuals and businesses in film, fashion, design, publishing and art industry, NeueHouse built a solid reputation over a period of time as a place where good design meets great culture. King & Partners was assigned to work on a series of strategy, branding, design and digital projects to signal changes, promote new offerings and build a system to support much larger, ever-growing organization.

Brand Refresh & Collateral Design

To refresh the branding for NeueHouse we introduced a new brand element we named ‘Occupied Spaces’, inspired by the modular nature of their workspaces, as well as a set of typefaces and a look and feel for photography and illustration.

Salon Campaign

NeueHouse was known as a premium workspace to most people. Promoting a new social membership needed a bold, strategic campaign that can appeal to NeueHouse’s existing members and non-members.

Website & Member Portal Relaunch

A robust digital platform that can scale with continuous expansion became very important for NeueHouse. King & Partners launched the new public facing on a highly scalable ‘headless’ WordPress set up.  Next up is the new member portal, integrating Nexudus and Salesforce as the core platforms, as well as others, due to launch Q3 2020.