The Boca Raton

A New Golden Era

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A complete reinvention of a storied icon. With 100 years of legacy, The Boca Raton has undergone its largest evolution to date. Joining an esteemed team of creative visionaries, King & Partners was brought on to transform the brand, and developed a new vision that nods to the illustrious history of the resort and club while looking to the future.

Through strategy, branding, naming, design, digital, content and marketing we are thrilled to be ushering The Boca Raton into A New Golden Era.  Previously named Boca Raton Resort & Club, our first step was to refine the resort naming conventions across property, by bringing it back to its original namesake, and establishing it as the iconic landmark of the South Florida that it is.

An important part of our hospitality work is to create a sense of place. In this case we wanted to bring clarity to the expansive nature of the resort for both team and guests. This comprised of creating clear naming, wayfinding, signage, and a series of custom maps, for both print and online usage.

The complete rebrand began with the vision that The Boca Raton exists at the intersection of historic and iconic, a nod to the vintage, with a look toward the future. Every element of the main brand seeks to visually achieve this.

King & Partners collaborated with type foundry Nikolas Type to create a completely custom type called Boca Slang. After establishing a new cohesive brand guidelines, we brought the brand to life across property via seemingly endless brand activations.

Digital and Marketing

King & Partners designed and developed a whole new digital and marketing experience for The Boca Raton resort and club. A beautiful website that lets users explore the five distinct hotels, dozens of restaurants, extraordinary experiences, and so much more.  We then expanded The Boca Raton’s web presence into a true ecosystem that includes thoughtful email communications, launch campaigns, landing pages, digital marketing, social media strategy and implementation, as well as multiple photo and video content shoots that brought to life every aspect of The Boca Raton.

Five Distinct Hotels, One Iconic Resort

As an expansive resort including five distinct hotels, King & Partners sought to bring booking clarity and personality distinction to each of the five hotels. As part of this branding exercise, each hotel underwent naming refinements and were given completely new logos that nod to what is unique about each diverse accommodation. Bespoke collateral, activations, photo and video content were created that feel distinct to each sub-brand.

An Iconic Club

An unrivaled lifestyle founded in 1926. King & Partners developed an ownable identity for The Boca Raton Club that is instantly recognizable and leverages the full brand equity of the resort. While the brand is closely related to the resort, communications, collateral, gifting, creative copywriting, and photography content was created completely bespoke for the club, with the goal of capturing the unique feeling of being a member, and with the distinct psychographic of prospective club members in mind.

Drink & Dine

With over 15 completely unique restaurant and bar experiences across property, King & Partners was tasked to create unique brand stories, identities, collateral, and launch activations for each F&B outlet. From mid-century American chophouse, to classic Italian on the waterfront, from playful Japanese classics, to island-inspired poolside cuisine, the diversity of dining experiences across one vast property is unbelievable. We worked in close collaboration with restaurant group Major Food Group and interior design agency Rockwell Group to build brand stories and unforgettable spaces that would keep guests and club members coming back time and time again.

Retail Strategy and Branding

From Harborside to Beachside, The Boca Raton is offers an array of luxury shopping without leaving this beautiful property. King & Partners was tasked to develop a complete retail experience across property. From establishing bespoke resort brands like Mister Pink and Boca Chica, to curating retail partnerships like Assouline and Watchbox. We sought to create a retail experience that fits seamlessly with The Boca Raton brand, while creating an engaging sophisticated shopping experience that leads from the historic entrance through to the beachfront.