A Resort Reimagined

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A real life wonderland set in 2,000 acres of lush, green hills in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, Nemacolin offers all kinds of magic from exciting outdoor adventures and fine dining to out-of-this-world events and programming. 

Agency of Record since 2020 King & Partners has completely reimagined Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.   A total brand transformation, we developed a whole new brand strategy, audience personas, tone of voice, visual identities, naming hierarchy, advertising campaigns, marketing, website and apps.

King & Partners continues to develop and lead campaign strategy, marketing, technology and creative direction. We are lucky to have such an open, imaginative and brave client at Nemacolin where we have been able to truly forge a partnership that makes for strong, impactful work. 

An Exciting Family of Brands

Taking inspiration from the heart of the resort – the iconic, adventurous Hardy family – we created a brand vision that perfectly encapsulates the elegance and eccentricity of Nemacolin, ensuring that every brand touch point reflects that magic. The brand positioning: A private resort like no other. The brand promise: Real Life Magic.

Nemacolin is an expansive resort, with a range of private homes and estates and three luxury hotels, including The Grand Lodge, which has been fully reimagined. Covering the breadth of the property required King & Partners to outline an all-new brand hierarchy and naming architecture. We established a cohesive, yet diverse family of brands that feels elevated and unique. Our guiding principle was to communicate magic across every brand touchpoint, from digital to signage to marketing collateral to matchbooks to napkins.

A Sense of Place

There’s no place in the world quite like Nemacolin. To tell the story of this whimsical wonderland in the Laurel Highlands, King & Partners continues to create a world of brands within the ever-expanding property. From restaurants and bars to the private members club and The Peak, a four-season adventure destination, every sub-brand stands on its own, while also reinforcing the overall brand promise of Real Life Magic.

Digital Transformation

King & Partners designed and developed a whole new digital experience for Nemacolin – a highly interactive and illustrative website that lets users feel the magic of Nemacolin instantly. A resort with many aspects including five unique accommodation types, spa, golf, and endless experiences, we worked with the brilliant team at Six and their new SelfBook system to create a seamless booking flow that allows guests to book their stay and all reservations from spa to dining to activities all in one place.

We also created the Nemacolin app that allows guests to take control of their on property experience in a fun, modern and touchless way.

Digital Marketing

King & Partners developed a completely new digital and marketing experience for Nemacolin. The elevated website is always growing, inviting guests to explore the hotels and endless experiences across the property with fun, immersive digital tools. Our digital marketing campaigns cover a wide range of topics and audiences, using targeted placements and adaptive messaging to reach all-new guests and introduce them to the world of Nemacolin and its unique personality from the very beginning.

Every aspect of the digital experience is designed to strengthen the brand identity, so the guest’s Nemacolin journey begins long before their first visit and doesn’t end when they check out. Just like the resort itself, our digital presence is always expanding and evolving, which offers countless opportunities to draw guests into the Nemacolin story.

Collaborating with King & Partners has been nothing short of transformative for Nemacolin Resort. Their unparalleled expertise and attention to detail have been instrumental in not just rebranding, but elevating our resort to new heights of luxury and distinction.

With their guidance, Nemacolin has blossomed into an eclectic haven of sophistication, effortlessly standing out as a pinnacle of resort luxury. Their dedication has redefined the essence of Nemacolin.

PJ Magerko, VP of Brand Strategy