One White Street

The Unofficial Embassy of One White Street

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One White Street dares to imagine a place where everyone is welcome. A place where all who visit become a citizen, and a proud ambassador. A restaurant with seriously re-imagined dishes, ingredients, and wine offerings, yet never too serious about itself. A celebration of the human spirit found in the atmosphere and fare at One White Street. The identity offers a sense of intrigue and discovery, as the One White Street story continuously unfolds through tongue-in-cheek copywriting in the form of lighthearted manifestos and taglines. Photography is light and free, showing the curious side in us all, and like the copywriting, never taking itself too seriously. Ingredient art direction captures a raw stripped back approach to putting local ingredients on a pedestal, in their natural form, a celebration of Rigor Hill Farm, before even integrated into a dish. One White Street is an invitation to dream. To imagine what is possible when we champion the spirit of people over everything else. A place for everyone.


Our timeless and elegant branding feels absolutely correct for this exciting new restaurant.

Brand in Use

We delivered multiple brand touchpoints from menus to matchbooks and more.


We designed a website that clearly explains the mission and menu.