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After an initial successful launch by King & Partners, SKIMS asked our team to refresh the visual identity and site design to refine the overall look and feel of the brand experience and with a growing assortment of product categories and new collections being dropped, it was important for SKIMS to have a brand system that supports growing products lines and a user experience optimized for the best product discovery and path to purchase.

Brand Refresh

When SKIMS was launched, the initial visual identity was minimal, yet bold. Keeping the original logo, we enhanced the branding by adding a secondary font and created visual hierarchy, overall refining and evolving the brand for continued growth.

Site Redesign

Similar to the initial visual identity, the site was minimal and bold, primarily focused on introducing the brand and its first collection. We redesigned the site to reflect a refined, refreshed brand and designed an optimal shopping experience with a new structure, including categorization and enhanced browsing, product detail, and branded content. We then improved the site management to include sophisticated merchandising and flexibility.