The Boca Raton

A New Golden Era

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A complete reinvention of a storied icon, The Boca Raton is undergoing its biggest evolution to date. Joining an esteemed team of creative visionaries, King & Partners was brought on to transform the brand, and developed a new vision that nods to the illustrious history of the resort and club while looking to the future. Through strategy, branding, naming, design, digital, content and creative strategy, we are thrilled to be bringing The Boca Raton into A New Golden Era.

Previously the Boca Raton Resort & Club, our first step was refining the resort name by bringing it back to its roots. With nearly 100 years of existence, the resort and club have gone through various names, however, one was a constant even unofficially; The Boca Raton. A landmark so synonymous with its location, the resort is now officially The Boca Raton and the club is now The Boca Raton Club.

King & Partners collaborated with type foundry, Nikolas Type to create a completely custom type called Boca Slang.

We’re excited to continue to tell the story as this iconic resort unfolds over the next few years.

A Family of Brands

One resort – five distinct hotels, we developed a system that was cohesive, yet gave each sub-brand their own vision. Developing streamlined audiences, names, hierarchy, key icons, colors, and messaging for each, we created a complete family of brands under The Boca Raton. Because of the vast property, we also implemented nomenclature to ensure consistent messaging for each side of the property, Harborside and Beachside, and  worked with Liz Kay to bring the lush property to life through an illustrative map.

A New Golden Era

Building strong content is key in revealing A New Golden Era to The Boca Raton. We created alluring content that tells the story of the vibrance and leisure of The Boca Raton. 

Photography: Patrick Chin
Photography: Thomas Shelby
Director:  Bart Baldwin

Digital Transformation

King & Partners designed and developed two completely bespoke website experiences that bring The Boca Raton and The Boca Raton Club to life. With a golf club, waterfront acres, spa and endless activities, we designed the site to focus on all the Only at The Boca Raton moments. 

An Iconic Launch

A return to the iconic. King & Partners launched the new brand vision across platforms through digital marketing ads, organic and paid social, and print ads.

Next up, the conception and branding of several restaurants that make up A World of Flavor in partnership with Major Food Group.