Quechee Lakes

Selling a Seasonal Lifestyle

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Discover your Vermont

Located in Vermont’s most beautiful valley, Quechee Lakes is the perfect place to immerse yourself into breathtaking surroundings. King & Partners embarked on a project with Quechee Lakes to create brand identity, marketing collateral and launch the website.

Indulge in the Natural Beauty

As part of our branding strategy, we created a new logo, along with full brand identity and brand guidelines to reflect the spirit of Quechee Lakes. We created content including illustrations, photography and videos showcasing the lush valley of rivers and lakes. We applied the new branding across all touchpoints & marketing collateral highlighting Vermont’s natural beauty.

Highlighting Unique Offerings

We designed a website that encourages visitors to explore further and discover what Quechee Lakes is. Our aim was to reflect the unique offerings and the breathtaking surroundings of Quechee Lakes and to convey the feeling of relaxation and recreation.