Mark Cross

A Pivotal Moment

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Introducing America’s first luxury leather goods brand.

Mark Cross is America’s first luxury leather goods brand. We enjoyed the challenge of educating and reminding shoppers about this fact.

A complete eCommerce strategy

King & Partners designed and developed an all-new website, and provided creative direction for eCommerce photography.

To increase traffic and drive sales, we brought in our partner, Hearst, to handle customer acquisition and digital marketing.

Our eCommerce team at King & Partners runs the day-to-day of the site, overseeing back end eCommerce operations.

Classic, with a twist

Creating a modern eCommerce experience for a heritage brand is an exciting endeavor.

Our creative direction of all-new eCommerce photography shows the collections in the best possible light, complimenting a user interface design focused on brand storytelling and conversion.

Replatforming the brand

During brand discovery, we undertook an exploration of eCommerce platform options that would best meet the brand’s unique business requirements in terms of integration needs and eCommerce support.

Sellect proved to be the best fit, as it provides a full solution for powering and managing the eCommerce business in a scalable, efficient way.

Infused with personality

Highlighting brand history, special products, and campaigns is important for Mark Cross. Founded in 1845, the brand has a legacy of influencing culture in America and beyond with beautifully designed, high-touch leather goods.