A Doorway to a Brighter Tomorrow

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Borough Yards is a metaphorical doorway to new retail opportunities and a brighter tomorrow. Meyer Bergman’s newest mixed-use hub will provide more than 115,600sq ft of retail and leisure space. Mixed use and public spaces weave through brick corridors and historic archways, adjacent to the historic Borough Market in the center of London.

K&P was assigned with naming and branding the property, as well as the design of collateral and website.


The iconic brick arches take on a more abstract form, through a variety of line art, and symbolize a portal of optimism. Heavy construction materials like brick, concrete, and stone are reimagined as pedestals for retail products, elevating the raw materials of the building to a symbol of art and luxury.

Our symbol is a simplified arched doorway with a rising sun.

Photography is down to earth, yet aspirational. We believe this brand bridges the gap between the history of the building, the feel of the space, and the goals of the property and target retail tenants.


We designed, built, and launched a website for the property, integrating with Google maps for exploration of the neighborhood.