The transformation of an iconic coast

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Offering a fresh perspective on Europe’s most exclusive principality, welcome to Mareterra.

An extension of the iconic Monaco shoreline, Mareterra is a dynamic new community created to enrich the residential, cultural, and recreational life of its residents. A balance of sustainable ecological practices and world-class design, Mareterra is the collaborative vision of Valode & Pistre Architects, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and Michel Desvigne Paysagiste. 

Working alongside our friends at Noë & Associates, K&P designed and developed a series of websites that work together to position the community as Monaco’s newest premier destination and communicate its range of exclusive, diverse offerings. K&P launched digital experiences for both the public and Mareterra’s residents that are as beautiful as they are informative, delivering an immersive digital expression of the Mareterra’s exceptional lifestyle and spirit.

A digital experience to set the scene

Showcasing Monaco’s timeless Mediterranean charm and iconic history, the public site highlights the property’s unique design and experiential offerings, providing visitors an aspirational window into the exclusive lifestyle of Mareterra. Site UX and design complements the modern sensibility of the property by embracing a delicately minimalist approach and creates an emotional connection with a balance of inspiring visuals and curated content that shares the story behind Mareterra.

A Private VIP Experience for Residents

K&P also developed a private website reserved solely for residents. Designed to promote resident engagement and establish Mareterra as a premier, modern community, this sub-site offers individualized content for each household, complete with details about their unique property, such as the architectural team and construction updates, as well as specific amenities, community events, and more.

“I wanted this new area to embody the excellence and conviviality which distinguish the Principality of Monaco so well. Mareterra will integrate perfectly with our shoreline, and in a few years will be seen as a natural extension of our territory.”

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco