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Vogue Business — Why Modelling Giant Elite is Building a Fashion Brand

February 18, 2020

With an in-house production team, and models who can wear and promote the brand, E1972 is the product of the modelling company’s modern evolution. “E1972 makes so much sense because it’s my talent – the whole company is behind this,” says Haart. “They post about, they wear it, they’re part of the brand.”

Tony King, CEO of creative agency King & Partners which has worked with Kim Kardashian’s Skims brand, Kate Spade and Outdoor Voices, says that it’s a natural next step for a company like Elite. “Step 1: we manage the models working for our brands. Step 2: we deal with the brands that our models are wearing and carrying,” says King. “Step 3: the talent wears and carries our brand.”

With design, e-commerce and marketing strategies — including the 3D measurement tool — all being sourced in-house, Elite can launch and operate a fashion brand with less lift than a brand starting from scratch. Whether or not having access to those means will be enough to make the brand a success remains to be seen, particularly as Elite is balancing multiple ambitions for its business. “It’s hard to bolt on new businesses,” says King. “Many who have tried have failed.”

“Companies like Elite are looking at what’s happening and trying to get ahead of it – it’s going from beyond just being behind an image to being behind the product,” says King. “It makes sense.”

Vogue Business — Why Modelling Giant Elite is Building a Fashion Brand