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Think Hospitality

April 21, 2020

As hotels close temporarily and customers seek solitude at home, hotel brands now have an opportunity to hit pause and reset. While your rooms may be closed, your brand is always open. Use this time to remind people what your brand stands for.

Engaging in online conversation with customers, staying active, and showing your brand values will make the most out of the next 60-90 days. We put together an actionable 90 day plan in 3 steps summarized below.

Step 1: Communicate Status with Your Customers

Right now, it’s more important than ever to keep communication lines open. You’re more than just hotels, you also have restaurants, spas, gyms, bars.

Communicate what’s closed and what’s open:

Step 2: Strengthen Your Relationships

While hotels are facing a challenging time, this is the time to remind the customer (and your teams) of your brand pillars.

Besides being in hospitality, what else are you known for? What are your core values? Wellness?  Activities? Fitness? Food? Wine? Music?

Translate these brand propositions into digital moments that can build strong, long-term relationships with your customers.

Release content synonymous with your brand ethos:

Offer at-home versions of your services:

Give back if you can:

Be transparent and promote supporting your cherished staff:

Step 3: Build Excitement

Hopefully by June, our world will start to feel a little more normal and hotels can reopen. This is the perfect time to build excitement around ‘in real life’ experiences that everyone is craving so badly right now.

The whole world is waiting to be social again. Your hotel or restaurant can be that platform! People will also be excited to be serviced.

A few steps when it’s time to reopen:

Reach out to guests who may have cancelled trips.

Refresh your programming.

Revitalize your marketing materials.

While we’re facing a hard time, hospitality and travel are both going to come back even stronger.

People will want real experiences from brands they know they can trust. Trust, empathy, and impeccable service are table stakes for all brands right now.

Now is your chance to reestablish yourself as a resilient brand aligned with your values.