The Perfect Balance of Branding and Conversion

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Perfecting The Journey

Founded in 1975, TUMI is a brand with global presence, well known for its high-end bags and accessories for travel, featuring exceptional design and innovative details.

Bridging the Gap

Tumi asked King & Partners to design and build a solution that bridged the gap between exciting brand content and eCommerce best practices. We embarked on a homepage and navigation redesign along with subsequent AB testing.

Optimized mobile experience

Based on TUMI customers’ behavior on mobile, the mobile homepage focuses on a quick browsing experience, providing straightforward and direct paths.

A refreshed homepage

We designed the homepage to get shoppers to the product quicker without sacrificing brand experience. Utilizing all new assets produced by the marketing team, we positioned Tumi as a orientated brand while highlighting the exceptional technical features that make the product so special.