Live Like Oskar

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Branding a Building with Personality

Oskar brings a fresh residential approach to the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, set to become one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in New York City. The 13 story building designed by Cetra Ruddy offers privacy, elevated design and smart living technology for residents with discerning taste, setting a new standard for luxury rental properties.

The name Oskar pays homage to Oskar Brecher, who was an integral part of Moinan Group and well known for his leadership, intelligence, attention to detail, love of life, and kindness.

A complete brand identity

We developed unique branding for the building, located at 572 Eleventh Avenue, and then scaled the branding across collateral, floor plans, and signage.


The website immerses potential tenants in the Oskar lifestyle, highlighting the exceptional features through detailed renderings and expressive quotes.