Kenneth Cole

A New Digital Home

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A Sleek Digital Flagship for a Landmark Brand

Kenneth Cole Productions came to King & Partners seeking a redesigned eCommerce experience that would accurately express the brand re-positioning and open up appeal to new target demographics. King & Partners responded with an elevated creative strategy that pulled apart the siloed sections of content and commerce, blending them together to create a comprehensive experience aligning with global brand objectives.

It was important that the new site protect current online revenue streams, while increasing eCommerce conversion rates, so we strategized a user experience that made path to purchase a priority.

Beyond the browser

Our ideas for Feature Shop landing page design and content has rolled into a refreshed approach for overall brand art direction, with digital content influencing in-store ideas, and vice versa. is a culmination of collaborative thinking, where design and technology, and digital and in-store, influence each other to reach common goals.