ÂME jewelry

Capturing the Essence of a Brand

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Refined Luxury

King & Partners designed, built and launched a captivating website for ÂME Jewelry that brings ÂME’s modern, wear-everyday aesthetic to life.

Quality Content

We launched with a campaign photographed by internationally renowned fashion photographer Lachlan Bailey featuring Sophie Koella, creative directed by Simon Woolford at Sum Design.
We ensured that the website had beautiful, engaging photography assets that reflect the individual spirit of the collection.

Telling the story

ÂME is situated in an artful space where science meets craft. K&P designed a user experience that guides consumers fluidly along the path to purchase with engaging video content, created by Paul Plowman, encapsulates the never ending pattern of a vivid kaleidoscope that signifies ÂME’s signature six-sided carbon hexagon diamonds.

ÂME stories

We created a content section featuring a regularly updated roster of brand ambassadors including Charlotte Groenvel, Hannah Anderson and Bianca Valle to fully communicate the brand message, and to show how versatile this collection is.