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Rebranding Aventura Mall

February 21, 2018

After expanding its shopping center to include more hospitality, Florida’s Aventura Mall is rolling out a new marketing look that focuses first on experience.

The mall’s “A World to Discover” campaign presents itself as a place for more than shopping, highlighting dining and culture. Conceived by agency King & Partners, the effort reflects the future of retail, where the store and the shopping center offer more than commercial appeal. “Aventura is embracing the shift from a retail centric environment to experience centric,” said Tony King, CEO and creative director of King & Partners, New York. “You don’t just go to the mall to buy products anymore,” he said. “You can go to look at art, to eat, to relax.”

Aventura Mall, located in a suburb of Miami, recently constructed a 315,000-square-foot addition. Creating a social and cultural environment, the new three-floor wing includes areas for art installations and events in a design that intends to blend the indoors and outdoors. As malls struggle to attract foot traffic, developers are thinking beyond retail to differentiate themselves as a destination.

“Aventura wanted to signal change to the consumer around what was happening at the mall,” Mr. King said. “The new wing is designed by renowned architect Carlos Zapata, and features an 84-foot by 50-foot glass wall at the entrance,” he said. “A 350-foot skylight runs the length of the wing, providing natural lighting and stunning views. “Part of the expansion is a new level of dining. They wanted to communicate all of those things.”

As part of the rebrand, King & Partners renamed Aventura’s new more than 7,000-square-foot VIP lounge Level Three. This space provides areas for television viewing and dining, as well as places for valued patrons to host meetings or private events. Aventura is also debuting a new advertising campaign, which depicts some of the experiences consumers can have at its property. This will run in print, on billboards, as well as on digital and social media, inviting consumers to come explore its pillars of “culture, style, taste.”

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