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The Anti Social Network

Popular TV is a digital magazine and content aggregator aimed at style-savvy Millennials across the world. This platform for self expression through user-generated video content is the go-to destination for the latest music, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and art. To stimulate initial attention, King & Partners launched a holding page that revealed a different video each time the user interacted with the site. We then designed and developed the digital magazine site, making content updates seamless by offering a tailored experience that drives editorial momentum. The user interface is designed to be intuitive, and encourages frequent return visits to seek out fresh new content every day.

We blended impactful large-scale imagery with social media and video content throughout article pages, while the main navigation lets users toggle between channels, most viewed and recent stories, and trending tags without ever needing to leave the page. The site design and technology perfectly embodies Popular TV - young, daring, and always ahead of the curve. Never boring, and never basic.