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Fresh, Simple and Radiant

King & Partners launched Delpozo’s first eCommerce presence as completely reimagined and fully responsive. Delpozo is a luxury pret-a-couture fashion house based in Madrid, under the creative direction of Josep Font. The collections are fresh, simple and radiant with playful interaction between colors. Sculptural silhouettes meet a high level of seamless craftsmanship to create memorable pieces.

Our job was to guide the consumer through the brand and let them fall in love with the product. We crafted a digital world that gives the product a voice of its own through simple, understated design. Everything is light, clear, and easy to use.

The Atelier Delpozo presents the inspiration and personality of Delpozo through a mix of brand philosophy, brand history, and social content aggregated from across multiple platforms, all powered, along with the online shop, by the Sellect eCommerce platform. The site caters to Delpozo’s international audience - geolocation anticipates customer location based on IP address to display relevant currency and shipping information. We designed product pages to feature video content that highlights the exceptional quality, attention to detail, and creative silhouettes of Delpozo’s creations, providing a more visceral experience for online shoppers. The user moves fluidly throughout each page, driven along a seamless path of discovery and, ultimately, to purchase.